Don’t Blame The Training Tool…..Blame The Training Fool! by Eddie Kowacz

Disappointed with your current fitness regimen or equipment, feeling they’re not giving you the results you expected?

Fitness guru, Sifu Eddie Kowacz, who I like to call, “The Great Motivator,” teaches Martial Arts, Kettlebells, Weight Training, Bodyweight Exercises and how to overcome obstacles in order to live your best possible life. Sifu has been a great element of knowledge and inspiration for us. Today, he is addressing the above issue. Subsequently, I was compelled to share it with all who have sense enough to listen and learn. So, without further adieu, here’s a taste of tough love for ya. Bon apetite!

Folks, Whatever training tool that you are using ( Spin Bike,Treadmill, Barbell, Kettlebell, Sword, Hula Hoop,Yo-Yo ) and you find yourself still fat and unhappy, don’t blame the equipment that YOU chose, nor the INSTRUCTOR! The only tools to blame here, are your FORK and SPOON!…. and some of you even look like you’re only a few days away from switching to a PITCHFORK and SHOVEL!

Unless you’re lying unconscious in the ER with a tube stuck into your arm, it’s YOUR FAULT! Why? Because you have 100% complete control over your food intake.That’s 100%, all the time! No one is pointing a gun in your face and saying eat a box of munchkins,or else….are they?

Doing an hour of intense cardio in the morning, followed by a food intake that would rival the total number of calories consumed by the Pilgrims on Thanksgiving Day… is a bit much, don’t you think?

Time to accept some personal responsibility, huh.

Almost forgot, re: Spinning – I read a training blog recently that claimed that one of the top reasons as to why woman get fatter is because they do spinning. !@#$%&?
This of course, is an absurd statement and reeks of a self serving purpose, most likely fueled by an attempt to separate good hard training people, from their coin.

Thus, anyone making this statement is a dumbass, and anyone who agrees or believes it, is an even bigger dumbass! DON’T BLAME THE TRAINING TOOL!