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Zumba Complete ~ A Guide To Healthy Eating Part 4 ~ MOTIVATION ~ Why overeating is not your fault and how to fix it

Share    HAPPY HALLOWEEN 10% OFF ON DRESSLILY PC SITE   Hey Fam! I’m glad you stopped by because I have awesome news that I want to share with you today. Let me start by saying, I’m going to save you some time by not beating around the bush with conventional blog post intros, explaining […]



A Guide To Healthy Eating


Part 1


Share     Nutrition Guide Brought to you by Plate By Zumba and Physniques Fitness   Also see Zumba Complete Part 2 ~ Exercise Guidelines for Weight Loss & Optimal Health and Zumba Complete Part 3 ~ The Skinny On Fat (Healthy Fats)   WHAT’S A PARTY WITHOUT THE EATS? People have been asking me […]

Train Your Stomach To Eat Less With These Quick, Easy Steps

Share I was on Facebook the other day, discussing how you can actually train your body to eat less. Here’s what I wrote: “Did you know you can TRAIN YOUR STOMACH to Eat Less if you put your mind to it? Calculate how much weight you want to lose and adjust your portions and nutritional […]

How To Lose Belly Fat and Still Enjoy Christmas

Share       Santa Clause is a jolly old dude, but I can’t think of one person in this world who wants to look like him. All those cookies and milk the children leave out for good old St. Nick have taken a toll on his midriff.   Still, what’s life if we can’t […]

Don’t Blame The Training Tool…..Blame The Training Fool! by Eddie Kowacz

Share Disappointed with your current fitness regimen or equipment, feeling they’re not giving you the results you expected?   Fitness guru, Sifu Eddie Kowacz, who I like to call, “The Great Motivator,” teaches Martial Arts, Kettlebells, Weight Training, Bodyweight Exercises and how to overcome obstacles in order to live your best possible life. Sifu has […]